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Why is there Frost in my Freezer?

My Freezer has Me Frosted

So, you buy a frost-free refrigerator/freezer with the hope of plugging it in & forgetting about it… but on one hunger-filled night, you go to get a frozen pizza out only to find it covered in frost & ice.  What should you do? Well, first call pizza delivery then check out the following to help solve what may be causing the problem.

What Could be Causing Frost in My Freezer

Your freezer uses evaporator coils to keep it cold. When moisture hits these coils, it freezes causing an icy build-up. Here are some things to check out on your freezer to help fix the issue:

The door is open.
Sure, it sounds simple but often a damaged door or a door that is hitting some protruding stored item is the culprit.  Be sure when you close the door that it is in alignment and not bent to insure a good airtight seal.  Also, make sure that no stored items have fallen in the door path causing a door seal gap. Reminder: try not to overload your freezer so it freezes efficiently.

The door seal/gasket has wear & tear.
The door seal/gasket seals the door tightly so no cold air can get out & no hot air can get in. Any air gaps can cause your freezer to frost. Take a good look at your freezer’s door seal/gasket for any damage. It helps to shine a flashlight on it so you can see any age cracks or tears.

There may be a Faulty Part.
Lastly, your freeze may have faulty part causing frost to build up. Your frost-free freezer uses 3 basic parts to help keep the ice at bay:

1. Defrost Timer
This timer tells your refrigerator when it should freeze & when it should defrost. If this part goes bad, it may not be able to put your freezer into the defrost mode.

2. Defrost Heater
If the defrost heater is not working properly, it may not melt the frost that eventually builds up.

3. Defrost Thermostat
This checks the temperature of the freezer’s evaporator coils & turns the defrost heater on when needed. If the thermostat has failed, it may not be signaling the defrost heater to go on.

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