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Why is my refrigerator hot?

Summer should be Warm but not your Refrigerator. 

The weather forecasters are predicting an unusually hot Summer this year. This can have a big impact on how your refrigerator/freezer operates. If your refrigerator/freezer seems to be continuously running — that is generally not normal. Also, if your refrigerator/freezer is not cooling properly that may be a sign that something’s not right.

Your refrigerator & freezer should be cooling to the temperature that its thermostat is set to. Your manufacturer manual will show where the temperature dials are in your model refrigerator/freezer. Make sure they are set to the proper temps. In most cases the refrigerator should be cooling to a temperature between 35-38 degrees (F). The freezer should maintain a temperature between 0-5 degrees (F). If this is not the case, the condenser coils may need to be cleaned. It may also mean that you have a faulty condenser cooling fan or even a faulty thermostat that needs to be replaced.

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