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Which Washing Machine Style Is Best for You?

The average washing machine lasts around 11 years, allowing for over a decade of useful life. Whether you’re upgrading your current washing machine because you need a roomier unit or you want more features, a question you may run into is this: is a front-loading or top-loading washer best for you?

Both front- and top-loading washing machines have their benefits, but they each also have their drawbacks. Before you head to the appliance store to make your purchase, compare both washing machine options and loading styles so you know what style of washer is best for your needs. Always have your washing machine serviced by a professional appliance repair technician as recommended by your appliance’s warranty.

Price & Budget

If cost is a factor in buying a new washing machine, then a top-loading washer may be your best option. Top-loading washing machines of most brands are cheaper than front-loading units, sometimes by several hundred dollars. More basic styles with a classic agitator and smaller loading allowances will be your cheapest options for budget-friendly purchasing.

However, if you can acquire a payment plan for a new washing machine, then a front-loading style may be best. Since front-loading washing machines use less energy overall, you’ll save money in the long run throughout the unit’s useful life.


Front-loading washing machines don’t use an agitator to wash clothing, and top-loading units usually do. Front-loading washing machines use paddles to agitate and cleanse clothing instead. Both front- and toploading washing machines have their benefits when it comes to laundering convenience.

Since there’s no agitator in place, you can put more clothes in a single load when choosing a frontloading washing machine. The unit also uses less water and detergent than a traditional washing machine does and doesn’t whip and abuse washed items due to not having an agitator to tear and wear down clothing.

Two drawbacks to front loading-washing machines are these: how the units are loaded and how long washing cycles take. If you have issues with bending over or reaching, then a top-loading machine will be best for washing your clothes in. Washing cycles are also fairly long, so if you have many loads to do in a day, a front-loading machine may not be best for you.

A front-loading washing machine also requires more space in front than a top-loading unit does, so if you have a smaller laundry room or keep your units side by side, you’ll have an easier time moving your clothing from a top-loading machine to a dryer than you would if you had a front-loading washer.


Overall, the front-loading washing machine is more versatile than its top-loading counterpart is, for one reason: front-loading washing machines are stackable. Smaller laundry spaces or apartment living can necessitate having washing and drying units that can be placed on top of one another, so if this is your reasoning for replacing your unit, go for a front-loading machine.

Front-loading washing machines also often come with drawers and pull-out step stools to make doing laundry easier, something traditional top-loading units typically lack. Compare several models of both front- and top-loading machines to see what size, style, and other features of a washing machine work best for you.


Both front- and top-loading washing machines – and their accompanying dryers – require regular maintenance. An issue with front-loading machines is mold or mildew buildup that leaves clothing smelling rank and unclean. However, the agitator inside a top-loading machine can become imbalanced and require professional care as well.

Maintenance on either type of washing machine is inevitable, so choose a unit that has the most washing machine options you’ll use, and follow the advice of your appliance repair specialist for regular inspections and service. Our team of specialists at Art Adams Appliance Repair will keep your new front or top-loading washing machine in great condition; call us today.