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The Daily Grind – Keeping Your Garbage Disposal Healthy & Happy

The in-sink garbage disposal has become a handy & efficient daily tool for most families – keeping it working great & clean smelling is easy if you follow some simple tips.

Best Practices for Running Your Disposal

1. Only use it while running cool water through it
– Cool water helps keep any fats solid so they can easily pass through the disposal & the drain

2. Always run the disposal for 30 seconds with cool water after waste stops grinding (the disposal will sound different after grinding) then run the water for an additional 15 seconds with the disposal turned off

3. Do not stuff or overload it
– Be sure to cut up larger items into smaller pieces to avoid jamming the unit

4. Make sure to fully grind all waste
– Unground debris can cause foul odors & can potentially jam the unit

5. Be sure any non-grindable debris is removed from the sink before using your disposal so nothing harmful slips in by accident

6. Use your disposal regularly
– Regular use keeps the unit’s parts moving smoothly and helps prevent rust, corrosion & unwanted freeze-ups

How to Keep Your Disposal Sweet (smelling)

1. After use, pour a little liquid dish soap into the drain & run the unit with cool running water

2. Ice is a cheap & effective way to clean your disposal
Once or twice a month, grind up some ice cubes – this will help sharpen the blades as well as break up fats & oils

3. Grind up a lemon or orange – the acidic juice & oils will help break down debris

4. Grind up frozen cubes of white vinegar – this will help sharpen the blades as well as kill many odor producing bacteria

5. Baking soda or Borax are great natural cleansers for tough to get rid of odors – just pour some baking soda or Borax into the drain & let it set for a couple of hours. Then run the unit with cool water for 15 seconds.

If you have a higher power machine, try grinding up small chicken or fish bones, small pits from fruit or eggshells – the coarse debris will help clean & scour the unit.

Be sure to check your manual for what the disposal’s power is — lower power machines should only be used for scraps.

What NOT TO DO When Using Your Garbage Disposal

– DO NOT grind up plastic, glass, metal
– DO NOT grind up paper or cigarette butts (they can cause the unit to jam)
– DO NOT grind combustible items
– NEVER pour fats, grease, or oil into the disposal to prevent clogs
– DO NOT USE hot water. Hot water liquifies fats that can accumulate and clog the unit.
– DO NOT grind fibrous materials like onion skins & celery stalks. The fibers can clog the unit by tangling up the blade.
– GRIND ONLY SMALL amounts at a time of starchy items like potato peels to prevent the unit from clogging.
– NEVER GRIND large bones
– DO NOT RUN chemicals like bleach or drain cleaners through your disposal. Baking soda or Borax are great natural alternatives and will help eliminate mold & mildew.

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