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Refrigerator Water Filter – What You Should Know

Think of It as an Oil Change for Your Fridge’s Drinking Water

Today’s refrigerators are sophisticated home appliances supplying families with not only cooling & freezing capabilities but also with cold, fresh drinking water… unless you’re not changing the refrigerator water filter. Yep, for the healthiest & best-tasting fridge-supplied drinking water, manufacturers recommend that you change your refrigerator’s water filter at least every six months.

How to Know When to Change Your Fridge Water Filter

Check to see if your refrigerator has a filter change warning light.

Refrigerators, such as many made by Whirlpool & Samsung, have built in lights that flash when the water filter needs to be changed. If it flashes – change it.

How does your water taste & smell?

Does the water taste or smell bad – musty or like hard-boiled eggs? Our senses can be our best tools. If it tastes or smells off – changing the water filter often takes care of the problem.

Has the Water Flow Slowed?

Your fridge’s fast-flowing water has reduced in speed & temperature. Over time, water filters can fill with contaminants & mineral deposits.  This can cause the filter to clog & it can become unhealthy for your family.

Changing Your Refrigerator Water Filter

*Due to the many various refrigerator models, it’s best to refer to your Owner’s Manual for proper filter replacement for your specific model.

Often, it’s as simple as opening the filter chamber, removing the old dirty filter & popping in the new one.


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