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How to Tell If Your Washer Is Broken

Over a period of time, your washer may not operate as well as it should or it may even break down. Generally, your washing machine can give you a few signs that something is not working well. Below are some common problems that can signal some warning signs that you might have a broken washer:

Sounds: You can usually hear your washing machine when it is working properly. When you hear noisy or unusual sounds not due to an off-balanced load, however, you can tell something is not working as it should.

Electrical glitches: Newer washing machines integrate electronics to run, but what if that computer panel fails to respond? A skilled Art Adams Appliance Repair technician can identify and repair any technical or electric glitches as well.

Congested hoses and filters: What if your washing machine takes too long to fill or does not fill with water as it should or fails to drain after a rotation? It could be a twist in a hose or a clogged filter, or it could be some other issue that one of our skilled technician in Farmington Hills, Michigan, would know to look for.

Drum issues: The drum of the washing machine stirs or mixes to move the laundry through the cycles. If it is not rotating, your clothes and linens may not be cleaned properly.

Do you need repair help for a broken washer or washing machine troubleshooting advice? Please contact the skilled experts at Art Adams Appliance Repair in Oakland, Macomb and Wayne Counties, Michigan.